Covewood Scrap Book

Perhaps the best part of Covewood are the memories—we enjoy them as we create them, and we treasure them after we leave. Better yet, we take them out and try them on again as we get ready for another stay. Feel free to share your treasures with the rest of us.

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Covewood Memories

I remember going there quite often when I was a child. My mother and grandmother told me stories of the places and my great-great grandfather (Earl Covey) building or partaking in the building of many of the lodges and the church. I never realized the importance of it, or the uniqueness of it until i became older... I look forward to going there again within the next few years.

Lucien, North Rose, NY

September 30, 2010

This was, by far, our best Covewood year yet. Our family has been coming to Covewood for 10+ years, and have always enjoyed ourselves. But this year was different. Usually we end up buddying up with just a few kids, but this year our "crew" was extensive. About 10 to 12 of us, spent our evenings playing spoons in the Lodge, and our days swimming and enjoying the kids program and especially Capture the Flag. One memory we will always have is the prank that was pulled on us. The people in Lakeside strung fishing line from their cabin all the way across the water, to the lean-to on the children's beach. Then when it got dark, we were lured down to the beach, being told we were going on a hunt for the ghost of Grace Brown. We followed along, skeptical that we would see any ghosts. Then they began pulling a homemade Grace Brown ghost across the fishing line. It was quite a sight, and a bit freaky, until of course, the "ghost" fell of the line and into the water!

Stacey and Mary Rice, Rochester, NY

September 2, 2005

This year in covewood was the best one I've had ever! It was also the 1st one I've ever had.

Zack Reed, Rochester, New York

August 26, 2005

ahhhh....yes covewood. Another wonderful year up in the Adirondacks enjoying the cool air and warm fires that my family has come to know and love. This year Major and Di have given us so many memories, and reasons to come back to this magical place. Major trying to teach us to ski off the dock without getting wet...hahaha....nightly ice cream runs...the blind and four coyotes...covewood BBQ...the party barge trips...the ring friends...old friends...MAJOR AND DI THANK YOU AND WE WILL SEND YOU SOME CARAMEL SHORTBREAD!

Lauren Clark, Marlton, New Jersey

August 23, 2004

Recently I traveled memory lane back 40 years when we first introduced our two sons to the Adirondacks and Covewood Lodge. We possibly were some of their first guests. We had the Henry Covey Cottage and took our meals in the Main Lodge. Our visit there provided such a wonderful experience for our family and seemed to instill in our sons the love of the outdoors, albeit in western U.S. now. I remember Major teaching them to water ski. He even was able to have me get up on one ski. A monumental task. Fresh trout for breakfast, and evening cocktails on the front porch of the Lodge are fond remembrances. My dream is to return to Big Moose Lake and enjoy the smell of the Adirondack woods once again.

Frances Calkins, Cincinnati, Ohio

July 14, 2004

One of the silliest moments at Covewood was when we went looking for a bear and my sister Molly was about 3 years old. We turned around and saw one walking through the outlet and she said "A cow, a cow!" - Jake (7)

My favorite thing doing at Covewood is getting ice-cream bars in the lodge. And the most silliest thing is about dropping it in my hair, and my foot, my feet, and my toes - Molly (5)

I like digging in the sand, and going on the party boat - Mack (3)

See you in July!

Jake, Molly and Mack Etoll, Syracuse, New York

June 28, 2004

My family has been coming to Covewood with the Heveron family for years. I don't look forward to much anymore, but I long for the peace of Covewood all year. My Covewood memories? Talented musicians from our group and others, jamming in the Main Lodge. morning coffee at first light, watching Di go swimming (in late September!). bears sauntering through the camp. looking down on the lakes from Rocky Top. a wild midnight thunderstorm in the mountains. northern lights, and stars undimmed in a black night sky. the smell of evergreens and beech leaves. and quiet. As I sit here listening to the whir of my computer, the hum of the fluorescent lights and general office noise, the peace and quiet of Covewood seems like a dream. I can't believe I have to wait another 232 days until I can regain my sanity.

Andy Smith, Rochester, NY

February 4, 2004

The summer of '71 will be etched in my memory forever as the most magical of all. Major Bowes hired me to work at Covewood to cover when workers had their days off. I was paid to: start the morning fire, check the trails, teach sailing, make salads, wait tables, host children - everything! The "Major" would hand out Vitamin C to staff, take them waterskiing, schedule skits in the lodge, arrange for Bible Studies at McCombs cabin, and guard his hired help like a "father" to keep them from "straying" and getting in trouble! Thirty years later, living in Colorado with a husband and 2 children...I wish I could give my kids the same experience. I am happy to know that Diane, The Major and Covewood are still very real! Thank you for the best summer of my life!

Judy (Mundt) Herzanek, Boulder, Colorado

December 16, 2002

I remember this one time, at 7:00 in the morning we all heard a crash. My mom looked out the window and there was this big black bear, coming out of the kitchen in the lodge!!!!! (Actually, my mom was standing on our porch, because we get raccoon every summer) Anyway, this bear was carrying a whole package of ben &jerry's peace pops (the ones shaped like little fishes) up to the woods to eat! Anyone who got a picture of that definitely could have gotten free ben &jerry's for life!

Holly Druckman, Orangeburg NY

October 14, 2002

I have many favorites...visiting with Covewood friends on the dock each summer, great hiking, canoe and kayak trips, unlimited time to read, hearing the loons, the cozy feeling of morning rains on a metal roof, sitting by a fire and wearing long pants and a sweatshirt "in August", everyone telling me how "refreshing" the lake is, looking at a million stars—sometimes shooting stars, two weeks with no telephone, tv or computer, an all day sail boat launching, the Covewood kids' motor boat trip with Major and a snapping turtle, feeding the ducks civil defense crackers ... and eating Di's oatmeal raisin cookies...

Carmen Richardson, Potomac, Maryland

September 8, 2002

Every night we'd go for a walk it was awesome! And every day we'd play football. I'm having a countdown till Covewood. I can't wait!

Ashley Bremer, Newark, New York

September 2, 2002

Oh the time is getting near till we part from our houses and head to the home from home. I am getting excited to see all the friends that I have made over the years. Hope the water is a little bit warmer than last year. Last year when Mr. Noe ate his cornbeef sandwich on the party-boat and Mr. Feary looking great in a skirt (Peter Messner). And when Bob sang the Covewood song around the campfire and Eric playing the fiddle those are the memories I will never forget.

Ted Messner and family, Rochester, New York

June 21, 2002

I remember when I first arrived at Covewood I was welcomed by everyone at the lodge. I think that was a very nice thing for everyone to do. By the end of the week everyone was so sad to leave. At Covewood, everyone is like one big family and I will never forget that.

Audrey Scagnelli, Miami, Florida

January 1, 2002

My friend and I spent time in the Porcupine in the early spring of 2001. It was so peaceful and quiet-just what we needed! My family has spent at least 20 winters in the Adirondacks and it is 2nd home to me. Needless to say, we look forward to returning-soon.

Ruth Brooke, Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania
September 20, 2001

Wow! I have never missed Covewood like this before. This year was so much fun. We may have had cold and rainy weather but it was lots of fun anyway. I finally got up waterskiing, but still have to work on that. I cant wait for next year!

Laura Smith, Walworth, New York
August 16, 2001

In 1962 or 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Hans C. Todt, Syracuse, NY rented Cedar a cottage for a week. They were joined by their daughters, Joannie and Kathie. I was a guest, and the finance' of Kathie. We were married in August 1964. What wonderful memories I have of that week. Unfortunately, my wife Kathie, passed away in July, 27, 1986. I very much appreciated your web site, and hope in the near future to visit Covewood with my own grown children. What a delight to discover that Covewood is pretty much the same as it was when we were guests.

I hope that you still get the hot water through the fireplace and place ice (cut from the lake in the winter) in old cedar iceboxes on the front porch of each cottage. As I recall, the food was always outstanding and served in the main dining room in the Lodge. I have other memories but will leave for another time.

Neal C. White, Springfield, Virginia
August 12, 2001

Once again, I arrive home from Covewood and quickly go on their website, in an attempt to soothe my post-Covewood syndrome. As I recap the past two weeks, I remember trying to get out of the water on one ski tons of times, having girl talk in my cabin with Kate, Lauren, Rachel, Jessie and Missy, going on runs (I never realized how challenging Higby Road would be!), and taking part in numerous games of ping-pong, pool, soccer, king of the raft and of course, Sindoni Baseball. There are many more memories where those came from, but instead of writing a book, I think I will start my annual countdown to Covewood... 50 weeks.... and counting!

Meredith J. Feary, Batavia, New York
July 21, 2001

I'm going to be at Covewood in 4 days. I am so excited. I can't exactly say what my favorite Covewood memory is. There have been so many. I loved the time Regenia played put-put and lost like 4 balls in one hole and almost hit the people on the go cart track. Oh, I can't wait to be with everybody again.

Caitlin Van Scott, Greenville, North Carolina
July 17, 2001

I loved waterskiing and 1 of my memories is watching from the dock at my aunt who was waterskiing when Major's fire extinguisher went off and my cousin and mom were in the boat!!! When they got back they were covered in extinguisher !!!!!!!!!

Meredith Price, Teaneck, New Jersey
July 4, 2001

My favorite Covewood memory is definitely the time that Katie Noe and I ran down to the water and swam out to the floating dock in a hail storm just to wave to the tour boat (our daily routine!)

Jessica Gill, Hamburg, New York

June 26, 2001

Being stuck out in the lake behind major's boat that just ran out of gas....JD to the rescue.

Shaun Jeffers, Rochester, New York
June 18, 2001

Our Covewood winter experience consisted of some incredible X-C skiing in a winter wonderland followed up by cozy evenings beside an enormous warm stone fireplace. I loved peering out the window at the dozens of deer around the yard. We even got to watch a Bald Eagle feeding on the ice. A great place to escape to with family and friends!

Steven Richards, Rochester, New York
May 13, 2001

Big Moose Lake at DawnWe have 32 years of Covewood memories - from the summer, fall and winter. Even with all the timeless beauty around Big Moose Lake, it is still the people of Covewood who leave the most enduring memories:—the Bowes Family Four, the children who have matured, married and now (as our four "kids" do) bring their children back to the camp, the adults who have gotten grayer and wider (while we have not changed at all), and the staff - always helpful and sometimes goofy. About the only thing we can't remember is which cabin is just west of the Lodge: Bruce or Spirch?

Bill and Susan Adams, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
April 25, 2001

I grew up going to Covewood in the 60's, didn't return until the 90's with my four teenagers. Major was still running the place and nothing had changed. We now come every summer to reunite with other Covewood Alumnis at Buzzpoint. Who says you can never go home, again!!

Dawn Clark, Columbus, Ohio
April 19, 2001

Sindoni baseball is fun! Dad is the pitcher. And I learned how to water ski. I wasn't so good. I like the people here. Once when I was at the cabin I stay in, a bear broke in to Grace, or I think it was Grace—a bear broke in to her cabin!

Nick Sindoni, Cicero, New York 

March 24, 2001

January at the Covewood is a wonderful time of cross country skiing, snow shoeing and then the kickback in front of a warm fire in the fireplace. Sandy & I unwind at Covewood each year to enjoy the dramatic beauty of the mountains and the forest. It's a favorite part of our winter life!

Bill & Sandy Ballard, Norwich, New York
March 20, 2001

I had so much fun at Covewood. My favorite thing to do was probably ride the waterskiing boat. I can't really waterski so I just rode the boat. My back got very sunburned from sitting for about 4 hours a day in an aluminum boat with the sun beating down. Everything was fun though. I can't wait to go back next year.

Laura Smith, Walworth, New York
March 18, 2001

Knowing how much my fiancé and I love the mountains, my future sister-in-law's sister told us about Covewood, and that she had been up there for a wedding years ago. It sparked an interest, and the minute we saw it, we knew that we loved it and had to have the reception THERE! After a year of planning our "wedding weekend", it finally happened (Sept. 2000) and what a wonderful and different way of celebrating such a special occasion! We plan on returning for our anniversary and many more weekends in the future, as will some of our guests who were so taken with Covewood. What a great new tradition we have started! And many of our guests have told us that the event was the best wedding that they have ever been to. It was quite a complement, but we know that if it weren't for Covewood, it definitely wouldn't have been the same!

Jeanne Abernathy, Saratoga Springs, New York
October 28, 2000

I've been going to Covewood ever since I can remember. There are so many memories of Covewood. Ones I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will never forget everyone we always hung out with and the fun times we had. Covewood has been a traditional vacation in our family that I someday hope to pass to my children. I look forward to going every year.

Jen Comstock, Bowling Green, Ohio
September 8, 2000

For thirty years I have been going to Covewood during the summers. Some of my fondest memories are of my teen years when Covewood was loaded with kids and we would be on the ski dock at the crack of dawn, run home quickly for lunch and return to the docks, not to leave until dark. Now my children are the same way. They count the days until it is time to return each summer. Many times I will smell something that reminds me of the woods there or when it rains it will be a "Covewood day". Have many enlarged pictures hanging throughout the house to always reminds us.

Lori Shank

September 5, 2000

The Grace Brown legend continues…

Over the years there have been a number of Grace Brown ghost sightings at Covewood, although I never thought I'd be able to add to the supernatural history until last year.

Our clan stays in Lakeside every August and my morning ritual includes a swim from the Lakeside dock out to the floating dock (at about 6 am). Upon returning to the Lakeside dock I discovered a small, wet footprint on one of the steps leading out of the water onto the dock. The only problem with this was that there was only a single footprint—nothing before it or nothing after it. Also, because I was within sight of the dock during my whole swim, there was no way I would have missed seeing another person.

It was at that point that the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

Jim Dunning, Ashburn, Virginia
August 18, 2000

One of my funniest Covewood memories was watching Ted Messner belly-flop into the river, fully clothed, after his baseball glove (which he dropped riding his bike home from Sindoni Baseball). Then, Grace, Kristen and I jumped into the lake (with proper swimwear on) so Ted wouldn't be the only one soaked. It was one of the coldest days of our vacation, so we wore our p.j.'s for the rest of the day and sat in front of Grace's fireplace.

Meredith J. Feary, Batavia, New York
July 25, 2000

Today I got back from Big Moose, and miss it already. I missed it before we even got to Inlet. All I want now is to go back and be with my friends and ski some more. Oh well, in another 358 days I will return! This year was truly wonderful, even if the weather didn't co-operate nicely. I would have to say that the things that have stuck with me the most have been my skiing, sailing, and friends. I can't wait to get back there, and have Major or Di critique my skiing.

Larson Erb, Jericho, Vermont
July 22, 2000

Today is July 21st, my first night home from Covewood and I miss it already. All of my Covewood memories are good ones. The ones that most stick out in my mind are directing a Covewood play, water-skiing slalom, helping kick off the 1st Annual Covewood Invitational Ping-Pong Tournament, Mark Cox teaching me a duet on the piano, playing Sindoni baseball, going on camp-outs and talking to Major about Covewood. I have started my countdown until I go back next year and I can't wait to add more great memories to the collection!

Meredith J. Feary, Batavia, New York
July 21, 2000

Major moments are great, especially when they involve waterskiing lessons!!

Lauren Stein, Long Island, New York
July 15, 2000

We always have the greatest time. This year I am bringing a friend and it will be a little different. We will get to watch him try and learn to water ski. All the memories that I have made as a kid will last me for the rest of my life so I can tell my kids and we may be able to come back then. One memory that I can always remember is when Grace and Kristen were in their cabin (Outlet) and they heard a crash and they thought it was a robber so they ran to another room. This robber happened to be a bear looking for some food. I will see you guys on the dock.

Ted Messner and Jake Glavin Brighton, New York
July 9, 2000

The Messners can't wait for Sindoni Baseball 2000!

Peter, Beth, Meaghan, Jack and Ted
July 6, 2000

All the years run together with such happy memories of the many friends we have made, swimming with the loons in the morning, the sounds of splashes, children's laughter and the ski boat, tennis, power relaxing, those incredible donuts, our children loving the lake as I always have......I could go on and on, and I can hardly wait to get there this summer.

Evergreen Erb, Jericho, Vermont
July 2, 2000

Camp has always been fun, especially the C7, everyone knows who you are. I'm gonna miss the times together in a few years. But Camping has been fun, even carrying the eggs. Looking forward to another year!

Mark Freytag, New Hartford, New York
June 29, 2000

My best memory from Covewood is all the fun things that I have done with my friends there (the C7). The other most memorable thing would have to be getting Mr. Colin's dad in paintball.

Justine Call
June 29, 2000

It has been years since I have been to Covewood. My Dad and I just hung up and told me he had just spoken with Major about renting a place this summer. It reminded me of the wonderful times we had there . I vividly remember Di on one ski; she was about eight months pregnant. She was amazing!! You could find me on the porch in the evening playing ring toss or skittles in the lobby. I sure hope to visit again one day.

Susan A. Runfola Anna Maria Island, Florida (Originally from Buffalo, NY)
June 17, 2000

My favorite part of Covewood was kayaking.

Edlyn Parker, Ashburn, Virginia
June 16, 2000

The mornings are the best time at Covewood, especially getting up early to hear the loons and see the deer.

Jim Dunning, Ashburn, Virginia
June 6, 2000

Seeing who gets down to the lake first for the morning swim—Di or me!

Jim Dunning, Ashburn, Virginia