Summer 2020 COVID-19 Information

Updated August 2, 2020 

The safety and well being of our guests and staff is our primary goal. We want to share with you some of our planning for your arrival, and some changes that you may experience when you come.

*Our cleaning regimes will meet CDC and state guidelines with new protocols and antibacterial products. If guests still feel uncomfortable arriving the same day as departing guests and want to delay their arrival, we will compensate you for the unused day. 

*New York State requires social distancing and masks inside a public building so they must be worn at all times on the first floor and in the basement pool room of the Main Lodge and in the Covewood Store. PLEASE BRING MASKS FOR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS!

*Our usual cancellation policy will stay in place: with a 2-week notice, any deposit will be refunded or can be paid forward.  

*For confirmed guests, all of the necessary paperwork will be in your cottage when you arrive. We ask that you review, sign, and send one representative with the completed forms to the desk. Included in that paperwork will be a COVID-19 tracing form asking for contact information for all guests over 18 and potential exposure within the last 14 days. 

*We have added more docks around the property; capacity numbers will be posted on each, and swimming will not be allowed from these new docks.

*We will not have wine and cheese night, kids' cookouts, or picnics. Sorry...

*The children's program will be available on a limited basis with the possibility of a few scheduled outdoor activities including hikes for a limited number of kids ages 10+, small group kayaking trips, tie-dye (outdoor only), frog catching, and other crafts that can take place at a distance outside. 

*Waterskiing: We know this is a favorite activity at Covewood and are trying to keep it going while keeping everyone safe. The policy we have come up with is designed to ensure the best protection for not only you, the guests, but also for Di and Doug who are at the greatest risk.
*The number of people on the ski dock can’t exceed ​three​ including the skier, and everyone except the skier must wear a mask; no more than 1-2 people in the boat and they ​must wear masks.
*There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance to the ski dock that everyone must use before stepping onto the dock.
*Others waiting to ski must maintain the 6’ social distance by either stepping off the dock or moving to the lawn.
*Skiers will be required to put on and adjust their own skis as we can’t assist with this. You can feel free to practice during non-ski hours.
*Isaac will be helping with the rope and Di and Doug will trade off dock/driving duties.
*You can always rent a boat and do more skiing on your own, using the Covewood skis when they aren’t in use. 

*The cottages themselves will not look the same. Many of the fabric decorations will be put away — no bedspreads, throws, decorative pillows, etc. 

*Blankets will be laundered between reservations, but there will be limits so guests will be encouraged to bring extra blankets if they feel they may need them. 

*The laundry will be closed from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to allow the staff additional laundry capacity.

*The staff cannot enter cottages unless there is a maintenance issue. Therefore, trash will need to be left outside the cottage every afternoon for pickup.

*There will be sanitizer around the property and in the cottages.

*To minimize traffic in the lodge, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards will be placed at a new location for guests’ use at no charge. 

*Donuts will be offered on Monday and Thursday, but with mandatory delivery.

*Ice cream will not be available, however, so folks can now eat more donuts! This will allow us to close the kitchen area to all guests.

These are some of the ways in which we will do our part to ensure everyone’s well-being. We will keep you updated as we refine these guidelines and have more information from the state. Everyone with reservations will receive the most current information approximately a week before their arrival date.

We know that with our guests’ patience, understanding, and cooperation, we can still offer you a wonderful time at Covewood this summer, even though the 2020 experience will be a bit of an adventure for everyone.  

Please let us know what questions you have and we can’t wait to welcome you to Big Moose

Di, Doug, and Becca

Lodging and Reservation Information

Lodging options at Covewood include housekeeping cottages in a variety of sizes and apartments and rooms in the Main Lodge. All cottages and apartments have fully equipped kitchens, including microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers. There are also both gas and charcoal grills available. Click here to see a map of the property.

We prefer to rent the larger cottages by the week during the peak summer season (late June–Labor Day) but will rent for two nights or more, depending on availability. During the spring and fall, we rent for two nights or more with the exception of Columbus Day weekend, which is a three-night minimum.

To make reservations, call us at (800) 357-7530, email us at info@covewoodlodge.com, or reserve online. A gratuity is not included in the rate. Although it is completely optional, we do recommend 10% of the rental as a tip for our staff. 

**Please note the capacity numbers on each cottage or room. You may not exceed the maximum occupancy; if you have additional guests, they will need to rent additional space.**

Covewood has about 80% return guests, and families who have stayed with us previously have a "right of first refusal" to their cottage and dates.

  • Returning guests: please contact us by February 1 for summer reservations and June 1 for fall. 
  • New guests: please contact us after February 1 for summer and after June 1 for fall. 

Covewood does not serve any meals. Click here to see a list of area restaurants.

All cottages are fully heated and firewood is supplied. Guests must supply sheets, towels, pillowcases, and dish towels.

Covewood is a non-smoking facility and does not allow pets or jetskis.

Accommodates up to 7
Beaver was purchased by Covewood in 2015 and features three bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a...
Covewood's main Lodge was created by renowned Adirondack builder Earl Covey, whose other works include the Big Moose...
Accommodates up to 6
The Main Lodge's East Apartment is heated and enjoys a lake view from its glassed-in sitting porch...
Accommodates up to 6
The Main Lodge's West Apartment is heated and enjoys a lake view from its glassed-in sitting porch...
Accommodates up to 6
The Forest View apartment features an eat-in kitchen and dining area, two bathrooms, a bedroom...
Accommodates 2 to 3 people
First floor of the Main Lodge, off the library. 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed, bath with shower. ...
Accommodates 2 to 4 people
Lake view, 2 twin beds, shower, glassed-in porch with double convertible (can accommodate 2...
Accommodates 2 people
Lakeview (picture window), 2 twin beds, bath with claw-foot tub and European shower, heated....
Accommodates 2 to 4 people
Lake view, 2 twin beds, bath with claw-foot tub and European shower, glassed-in porch with...
Accommodates up to 10
Forest House is the newest cottage at Covewood. It has a master suite with king bed, private bath...
Accommodates up to 8
Outlet hasn't always been a vacation cottage. It was once occupied by the sawyer who ran Mr. Covey...
Accommodates up to 8
Spruce was built shortly after Mr. Covey finished the construction of the Lodge. It is virtually...
Accommodates up to 8
One of the first cottages built at Covewood, Birch has a living room, eat-in kitchen, four...
Accommodates up to 7
By-Brook was Mr. Covey's last building here at Big Moose. When he sold Covewood, Covey retained...
Accommodates up to 7
Henry Covey was the first cottage built at Covewood. Earl Covey, his wife, Frances, and Earl's...
Accommodates up to 6
Balsam has a rather unique history. Years ago it was attached to Lakeside, and served as the...
Accommodates up to 5
Cedar is located above our children's beach, with scenic views of the outlet and lake. It has a...
Accommodates up to 12
Lakeside is Covewood's largest cottage, a classic Adirondack summer camp. Its sprawling first...
Accommodates 3
Mary Alden was Earl and Frances Covey's daughter, and this building was her playhouse. Unlike most...
Accommodates up to 4
Named for Covewood's builder and first owner, Earl Covey is a cozy cottage with a living room, eat...
Accommodates up to 4
Fully renovated in 2019, Raccoon is a cozy one-bedroom cottage. It has a living room, screened-in...
Accommodates up to 4
Porcupine has a large studio living room with fireplace, enclosed sunroom, kitchen, and bath. The...
Accommodates up to 4
Bayside East is located on Buzz Point, just a few feet from Big Moose Lake. It has beautiful views...
Accommodates up to 4
Bayside West is located on Buzz Point, just a few feet from Big Moose Lake. It has beautiful views...
Accommodates up to 4
As the name implies, the first floor of the boathouse is open to the lake, with two boat slips and...
Accommodates up to 5
Hillside is a two-bedroom cottage located on Buzz Point. It has a living room, eat-in kitchen, a...
Accommodates up to 6
Hill was built in 1993 and is located on the large lawn behind the Main Lodge. Hill features an...